Our week in China

10 December 2019

It's called Made in China 2025 and, in terms of economic and industrial impact, it is probably the most important Industry 4.0 program launched so far by any country in the world. Chinese industry, which the Beijing government wants to rapidly transform into the most advanced smart factory on the planet, takes center stage, with an impressive effort of automation and industrial digitalization. A challenge for European industry, but also an important opportunity to export 4.0 technologies to a huge industrial area, especially empowered by 5G and IIOT campaign, with extensive benefiting impact and opportunities for European partners.

With this in mind, Orchestra experienced its most recent trip to China, hosted by important Chinese players in the field of semiconductors. Orchestra had the opportunity to present its Industry 4.0 technology to a large, qualified public of experts, entrepreneurs and representatives of institutions, making contacts with local companies.

The next step, which will see us engaged in 2020, will be to activate local partnerships to enter the Chinese market.


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